The first project by Pseudo Projects is a short film titled "Parker's Thoughts." 
Parker's Thoughts is about a girl named Parker who has the uncanny ability to hear people's thoughts. She doesn't know where it came from or why she can hear these things, but she is sure she isn't normal. Tonight, her show is opening. She wrote it, and she's playing one of the main parts, but as the days edges closer to the performance, it seems that nearly everyone has something against her.
Parker's Thoughts is written, directed, produced, edited, and at times performed by Timothy Baker, the head of Pseudo Projects. It features Emma Evans in the titular role, with supporting characters played by Ashia White, Taylor Henry, Xander Johnson, Serena Gandhi, and Claire-Lise Greve. The music for the film was composed by Kai Engel, providing a gentle and moving score. Alexander Roemer acted as director of photography, working the cameras.