A List of Upcoming Projects
Seeking Asylum
Seeking Asylum
The latest project from us is "Seeking Asylum" a story about a broken woman's journey through the mental health system towards finding mental stability and her true independence, all while her fortune is being fished for by all the parties around her. Who she can trust and who she can't...the lines all seem to blur in this drama.
With the second draft of the screenplay finished, a reading is to be set and performed in New York City, after which another draft will be completed and ready to be sold!
helmet on ground in ground
The Sergeant's Pockets
In a world where humans are separated into two (red-bloods and black-bloods/haves and have-nots), a soldier on the winning side of a war views the destructive nature of conflict. In the end, he is forced to participate in the beginning of a genocide, something of which he will not have a part any longer.
At just over 40 pages, this project will turn out to be a slightly-longer-than-usual short film, the script is finished and ready for the next stage of pre-production.
mountain road 
Jacob and Ruth, mother and son, are driving up to a cabin in the mountains to retrieve some effects from a late husband. When their car breaks down, they are forced to spend the weekend in a small town and forced to confront themselves and each other.
The "point" of the project is to detail two prevailing feelings of Americans at their extremes and place them in a place devoid of judgments, but still full of normal people.
This is the first feature-length script to be available for filming by Pseudo Projects. Ranging at around 120 pages, this script is in the revision process, but can be considered finished. 
Super Shorts
A continuation of Parker's Thoughts, a select few supernatural abilities are bestowed to people in an ordinary setting: high school. Like Parker, these kids don't know how they received his/her gift, but they each go about it in different ways.
For example, the next short planned is titled "Flying Solo," about high-schooler David who can fly, but would like to be known for his love of classic rock, 50's decade classic.
A second idea in development for Super Shorts is about a mischievous college freshman who comes from an affluent background and who has a penchant for thievery, aided by his uncanny ability to lift objects with his mind. He goes on a bit of a rampage when he is turned down by a girl.